Bar on the Go! (And an Over the Weekend Update)

vive-la-bici-e1365704898283(photo via Hither and Thither)

How awesome is this bike bar? It would be perfect for summer picnics in the park. Just pack up the bike and ride out, no need to strap on a backpack. Ashley of the fantastic blog Hither and Thither  stumbled upon this, and I think it would be a great little DIY (once I actually own a bike, but details details)

As you probably noticed, my blogging as been a little lax the last week. My sister came to town on a whirlwind three day visit, so I focused my free time on hanging out with her. It was a lot of fun, we got to check out Catfish, which is a great little Cajun restaurant that just opened up in my neighborhood. I also finally got to try Choku, which is amazing ramen place in Prospect Heights. I tried the pork bun, and now I want to eat it everyday for the rest of my life. All and all Id say it was a good trip, capped off with a delicious group brunch at my apartment before she left. I’m hoping the trip has convinced her to move out east.

Katy and I as Doctor Who’s newest companions

(posting will be a little light this week as well. My best friends are getting married, and I am officiating so Ive got some wedding business to attend to)