Always Look on The Bright Side of Life

The original post I had scheduled today was actually some photos and a recap of a trip I took to Boston a little while ago. While I still plan to post this, because Boston is and continues to be a beautiful city, I felt that today everyone could just a little cheering up.

tumblr_miycdulcKA1qggwnvo1_1280(photo via Humans of New York)

While searching the internet yesterday for something that were not completely soul wrenching, I came across this photo from Humans of New York. HONY is a photo project run by a NYC photographer named Brandon and if you are one of the few people who doesn’t already follow his blog, you should change that immediately.

I think if we all show each other just a fraction of the love these two dogs have for each other, everything will work out. Let’s just be nice to each other, and we will make it out OK.



I am really bad about bringing my DSLR with me on a day to day basis. I also have this chronic fear that the one time I bring it with it will get smashed by some kid on the subway doing flips on the bars or something. Since my phone is always with me, I use it for most day to day photos. So here is a quick update of my life, complete with kelvin filter. You can find me on instagram @erini

(PS, if you live in NYC and have not yet been to Sweet Revenge, drop what you are doing and go right now. Seriously, it is amazing. But I guess its hard to screw up cupcakes and booze)

Happy Weekend!

883267_10102917274360730_1476635948_oIt’s Friday! Congrats on making it through the week, as a reward here is a picture of a (my) puppy.

The weather has finally warmed up on the east coast, and I for one am looking forward to spending some time outside this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be indulging in a few of man’s greatest achievement,  the happy hour. I’m also looking to make a trip back to a great little bar I discovered in Greenwich last weekend when my mom came to visit.

What are your plans?

Around Town // Washington Square Park

boyswithbubbles boywithbubbles chalk chalkdrawing pianoman topofmonument washington monument

My mom was in town this weekend, so we did a lot of walking around Manhattan. We ended up meeting a friend of hers in Washington Square park before grabbing a few drinks. The weather was a bit depressing, but there were a lot of people out and about. A man at a grand piano, boys playing with bubbles, a man creating a masterpiece out of chalk.

Wanderlust // San Fran

As the weather gets warmer little by little, I keep thinking about where I want to travel. I’m actually lucky enough to be traveling a lot this year, and I’m really excited about going to all kinds of places I’ve never been before. However, there’s always those few destinations you can go to over and over again. For me, one of those places is San Francisco. Sea food, nice weather and lot of wine is basically my definition of a good time.


DSC_0025 DSC_0030 DSC_0029


My parents walking the Golden Gate Bridge. I know, it’s adorable.


I’m a huge fan of the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building during the weekends.


If you say so

DSC_0154 DSC_0130

If you get the chance, take the Alcatraz tour at night. You get a great view of the city, plus you know, ghosts and stuff.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Guys, I have got a serious case of the winter blues. I’m not sure about everyone else, but here in New York I feel like the sun has been behaving like a moody teenager hiding in its room for weeks now. Everyday when I think I will finally get to see the sun again New York says “gotcha”, and runs away giggling. Much like that blind date you went on, winter in NYC just will not end.

As I sip my tea and foster a deeper relationship with my sweatshirts, I have been dreaming up how I want to beat the blues.

A trip here

Where I can wear this

and these

Should just about do it. Do you have any tips on getting around the cold induced doldrums?

Over the Weekend


I hope everyone has successfully recovered from their St. Patrick’s Day induced hangover. A brief recap of my lovely weekend.

1} A walk along the Highline.

2} A stroll through the East Village on a chilly day.

3} Brunch with friends.

4} A cozy new sweater.

How was your weekend?

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I’ve come down with a terrible case of wanderlust as of late. The only cure is to pack my bags and wing my way to some far-off land. As I dream of a vacation, I’ve taken to filling the travel void with photos from my last excursion.

A few months ago the boyfriend and I jetted (well we drove, but jetted just sounds more exotic) off to Montreal for the weekend.The food was amazing, the people were lovely, and the scenery wasn’t too bad either.

Our first day there, we took a tour of Montreal’s version of Notre Dame. This place is not messing around.



We also paid a visit to the Jean Tallon market. The outdoor market is full of food! (and people) I snacked on some tasty nectarines, and was more than willing to accept the free samples around.


Coffee break at Olive and Gourmando


They had one of the most deliciously dense brownies I have ever had.

I’m hoping my next adventures live up to this one.