Pretty in Pattern

Now that Netflix has added Pretty in Pink to their streaming options, Ive been on a little bit of a John Hughes kick. I’ve also been a little sad that Ducky was not my best friend in high school (I totally would have picked him, by the way)


I recently redid my bedroom, and ended up adding a lot of pattern into my space. Previously I had stuck with basic colors, and steered away from adding any crazy patterns into my design scheme. Target’s 30 dollar chevron comforter quickly changed all of that, and I’m pretty happy that it did. Now that my bedroom is pattern-full, I want to start adding a few fun and funky patterns to the rest of my apartment. I have been searching around the internet for some ideas and inspiration. I’ve come across a few things I would love to have come live in my apartment (although some are waaaaaay out of my price range, so fingers crossed for that lottery win)

pretty in pattern

rug / print / pillow/ curtain


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